My License Was Suspended: What Now?

Everyone in California relies on their car, so having your license suspended after a DUI arrest can be devastating. While the length of suspension depends on age, prior convictions, possible injuries and refusal to complete a test, you’re probably looking at anywhere from 6 months to a year of no driving.

These are the steps to take in order to reinstate your license in California.

  1. Apply for a restricted driver’s license after 30 days (if eligible). Many drivers can apply for a restricted license for work and school after a month. To be eligible, you must enroll in your classes and programs and get the right insurance. If you are not eligible, continue with the steps below.
  2. Complete the full period of license suspension. If you were sentenced to an 8 month suspension of your license, you must let the time elapse before you can move on.
  3. Serve your full jail sentence. You cannot reinstate your license until you serve the full term of your jail or prison sentence or alternative program.
  4. Complete DUI program. In California, you are required to go to DUI traffic school for anywhere from 3 to 30 months, depending on your BAC and previous convictions. You will need documentation from the school to reinstate your license.
  5. Install an interlock device in your car. It is required for the majority of DUI arrests.
  6. Get SR-22 insurance. Before you can apply for reinstatement, you need a special type of insurance called SR-22, which you can get from your existing car insurance company.
  7. Apply for reinstatement. Once all the steps above are completed, you can apply for license reinstatement at your local DMV office. You will need to take all of your paperwork as proof and pay a reinstatement fee that ranges from $55 to $125.

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