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  • Fraud 101
    What is Fraud? Fraud is a white-collar crime that is categorized by deception— deception to gain something personally or financially, to persuade ...
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  • 5 Common Traffic Violations for New Drivers
    A driver’s license is a symbol of freedom—to go where you want, when you want, and to take charge of things that need to get done. It is also a huge ...
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  • California Search & Seizure: Know Your Rights
    Protect Yourself. Call Our Team. (559) 484-2112 We all know that law enforcement officers are here to protect citizens and to uphold the law. However, ...
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  • California Theft Crime Charges: The Basics
    Protect Yourself by Knowing Your Rights One of the best ways to protect yourself and defend your rights is to know the laws when it comes to being ...
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  • DUI and Your Commercial Driver’s License
    When a Mistake Can Cost You Your Livelihood It’s a common story: Two buddies head to the bar after work to have a couple beers and release stress from ...
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  • The Difference Between DUI and Aggravated DUI
    What Happens If MY DUI Is Aggravated? Not only are the circumstances of arrest a factor in DUI versus Aggravated DUI but, more importantly, so are the ...
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  • Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season
    The holidays are often spent surrounded by family and friends over delicious meals and alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, the number of car accidents ...
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  • What Happens if I Violate Probation? Can a Lawyer Help?
    Probation is granted to criminal defendants with the understanding that following the rules and regulations serve as an alternative to incarceration. ...
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