How Will the New California Gun Bills Affect Me?

In February of 2018, California lawmakers proposed 10 new bills regarding gun control. Presented by a variety of assembly members, these bills would affect over 500,000 legal gun owners throughout the state. Here are the details of how these bills could affect California gun owners.

Semi-automatic Rifles

Current California law bans the possession, purchase, sale, or use of semi-automatic rifles. However, in order to be considered a semi-automatic rifle, the weapon must include a pistol grip or other military-style fixtures. One of the bills moves to limit the language surrounding these weapons, which would halt the sale of those not currently prohibited by law, and change the legality of currently issued weapons.

Gun Violence Restraining Orders

California law currently allows for family members and police to request a temporary gun restraining order against a gun owner who poses a violent threat. A judge must approve this request, and the order cannot last longer than 1 year. Assemblyman Phil Ting proposed a bill that would allow the following professionals to request a gun restraining order: high school faculty, college faculty, employers and colleagues, as well as all mental health professionals.

Self-addition to “Do Not Sell” List

If passed into law, one bill would allow you to add yourself to the state’s “Do Not Sell” list. This option is meant for those who feel they are a danger to others or themselves, and would prohibit said person from purchasing or possessing a weapon.

Central Ballistic Registry

In an effort to help law enforcement, Assemblyman Evan Low presented a bill that would require law enforcement to send bullet casings and ballistic information to a central registry. Theoretically, this would allow the comparison of casings to registered firearms and could link the weapon to other California crime scenes.

Lifetime Firearm Bans

One proposed bill would ban anyone convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor from purchasing, selling, or possessing a firearm. Currently, only those convicted of a felony lose their right to purchase or possess a gun. If passed into law, this would not only limit future firearm sales but could also affect current legal firearm owners.

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