Four Controlled Substances That Can Get You Arrested for Possession

Drug possession charges are no small matter. While drug laws have relaxed in California in some respects over the last several years, the truth of the matter is drug possession accusations are still a serious issue that needs to be handled and navigated with care. And to make matters worse, people may not realize just how easily they could find themselves in hot water: controlled substances can include a wide variety of different things, including some you may not know about.

On this blog, we’ll discuss four different controlled substances that could get you arrested for drug possession, including a few you may not realize.


Ecstasy is an extremely popular “social” drug, particularly in the electronic music scene. While many drug manufacturers try their best to make this substance look harmless, like vitamins or candy, the truth of the matter is it’s considered a Schedule I substance on the federal level, which means simple possession could possibly be charged as a felony. Many large music festivals have begun doing thorough bag checks and mandatory personal searches in order to gain entry to the event venue to try and curtail this drug, as it’s linked with loads of medical emergencies and illnesses every year.


Adderall is a popular drug on college campuses because of its ability to boost chemical levels in the brain that encourage alertness, attention, and energy levels. Some students who need to cram for a major exam the next day or need to pull an all-nighter doing a major homework assignment simply choose to pop one pill and let it push them along until the task is done. However, while Adderall does have some accepted medical uses for countering the severe cases of ADHD. Because it’s available only by prescription, Adderall is a controlled substance and being found in possession of even a single pill without having a prescription from your doctor could warrant drug possession charges.


Codeine is a type of painkiller that’s actually prescribed by doctors fairly frequently because of its potent strength but much lower dependency and addiction risk compared to substances like morphine. However, that doesn’t mean those who take it are immune from addiction, and being found with codeine pills without prescription authorization could land you in hot water. Codeine is a Schedule II substance under federal drug charges, along with oxycodone and several other painkillers.


“I thought marijuana was legal now.” We hear this a lot from people who are either curious about something they were told or who have been arrested and charged with drug possession for being found in possession of marijuana. It’s true: in November 2016, California voters passed a measure that significantly relaxed the laws on marijuana, and even made certain forms of possession legal. However, you are only allowed to possess a small amount at any given time, what you have must be for personal use only (not for sale or trade), you must be at least 21 years old to have it, and you’re not allowed to have it on or near school grounds. Breaking any of these terms could lead to anything from a minor citation to even a misdemeanor criminal charge if you’re suspected of possessing it with intent to sell.

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