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  • Am I Responsible for a Passenger’s Drink?
    Imagine you’re driving down the highway and police lights come on behind you. You pull over, and the police officer writes a $250 infraction for open ...
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  • What is Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?
    In American law, a criminal defendant has a presumption of innocence. We assume they’ve done nothing wrong until the prosecutor has overcome a burden ...
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  • Registering as a Sex Offender in California
    3 Tiers of Sex Offender Registry If you are convicted of a crime that requires sex offender registration , you are required to provide specific ...
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  • Cleaning a Criminal Record in California
    7 Year Myth The idea that a crime drops off your record after 7 years has long been a popular belief, but it is just a myth. This stems from the ...
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  • Fraud 101
    What is Fraud? Fraud is a white-collar crime that is categorized by deception— deception to gain something personally or financially, to persuade ...
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  • 5 Common Traffic Violations for New Drivers
    A driver’s license is a symbol of freedom—to go where you want, when you want, and to take charge of things that need to get done. It is also a huge ...
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  • California Search & Seizure: Know Your Rights
    Protect Yourself. Call Our Team. (559) 484-2112 We all know that law enforcement officers are here to protect citizens and to uphold the law. However, ...
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  • California Theft Crime Charges: The Basics
    Protect Yourself by Knowing Your Rights One of the best ways to protect yourself and defend your rights is to know the laws when it comes to being ...
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