Cleaning a Criminal Record in California

7 Year Myth

The idea that a crime drops off your record after 7 years has long been a popular belief, but it is just a myth. This stems from the federal law that stipulates that consumer reports cannot report an arrest if it is 7 years old or older, but that does not apply to convictions. Convictions can stay on your record forever. With this knowledge in mind, it is your job and the job of your attorney to clean up your record as time passes, so that job opportunities, rental opportunities, and your reputation are no longer affected by your past.

5 Steps for Cleaning a Criminal Record

There are 5 key steps to cleaning your record with your local court. Our team can help you along the way, as it is best to work with a lawyer who knows the correct and most efficient and effective process within the legal system.

The 5 steps for record cleaning are:

  • Determine and document the details of your record: This includes case numbers, dates of convictions, code name and section number that you violated, verdict or plea bargain, your penalties, compliance details, names of detention facilities, release date and parole details.
  • Obtain copies of your records: You can request copies of your record from the court you appeared at for your case, the California Dept. of Justice, Criminal Record Review Unit, the superior court, your lawyer, or your probation officer.
  • Check your options: Work with an attorney to determine what your options are depending on the details of your arrest(s), and the different possibilities for misdemeanor and felony convictions.
  • Determine your eligibility for dismissal: If you are eligible for dismissal, this can greatly improve your chances of obtaining employment as your reporting obligations change based on the type of job. You do not have to report a dismissed conviction to apply for private employers. Government employers still require you to report, but you can include the dismissal on the report form.
  • File your petition: You will need to send all petitions to reduce charges or for dismissal to the court where you were convicted and include any supporting documentation, support letters, and school transcripts if applicable.

1 Clear Decision: Hire a Lawyer

Your best bet to have a clean criminal record is to not start with one in the first place. How can you do this? If you are charged with a crime, your best chance at not creating a criminal record is to hire an attorney who will work hard to reach a not guilty verdict or get your charges reduced. Our team has the experience, skill and confidence to go up against the strongest prosecutors and fight for your freedom and reputation. When you are facing criminal charges, you want a defense lawyer you can count on. Trust the lawyers at The Law Offices of Brian C. Andritch to fill that role.

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