Can You Get Arrested for Speeding in California?

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KCRA 3 in Sacramento recently reported that California is kicking off a program to curb excessive speeding in the state. The program is called ‘Slow the Fast Down.’ According to the California Highway Patrol, in 2021, more than 600,000 people received speeding tickets in the Golden State. Of those 600,000, almost 30,000 were for driving faster than 100 mph.

The ‘Slow the Fast Down’ campaign is designed to raise awareness about the dangers and consequences of speeding in California through TV commercials and radio ads. In addition, law enforcement plans to have more officers out on the roads ready to catch speeders in the act.

Can I Get Arrested for Speeding in California?

Speeding alone is not considered a felony offense in California. Speeding can be classified as a felony if someone else is injured because you were driving over the speed limit. However, as long as no one is hurt, in most cases, if you’re pulled over for speeding, you will only receive a ticket and will avoid arrest. Still, speeding can lead to you getting arrested if it results in you being charged with other crimes, such as reckless driving, street racing, or driving under the influence (DUI).

What Are the Penalties for Speeding in California?

Even if you’re just charged with speeding, depending on the circumstances, you could face severe penalties, including:

  • Up to $500 in fines (not including court costs and other assessments)
  • A point added to your driving record (if you accumulate four points in a year, six points in two years, or eight points in three years, you can be categorized as a negligent operator and have your driving privileges suspended or revoked)
  • Increased auto insurance rates

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