What Are the Defenses for a Hit and Run Charge?

The punishments for a hit and run are harsh. Anyone who is facing a hit and run charge needs a solid criminal defense strategy or they could be facing severe fines, loss of driving privileges, years in prison, and other penalties.

What’s the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and Felony Hit and Run in California?

Hit and run accidents are divided into two categories. There are misdemeanor hit and run crashes, which involve damage to property, and there are felony hit and runs, which involve injury to at least one person. The penalties for felony hit and run wrecks are more severe, but the punishments for a misdemeanor hit and run conviction are serious as well.

Defenses for a Hit and Run Charge

If you are charged with a hit and run, there are defense strategies that can give you a realistic chance of having your charges reduced or even dropped. Common defenses for a hit and run charge include the following:

  • Unaware – One defense that can sometimes help is if you were unaware that you were involved in a hit and run. In some cases, the impact may have been so minor from your point of view that you did not even realize that there was a collision, so you continued driving.
  • Mistaken Identity – In some cases, your vehicle may simply look like the vehicle that was involved in a hit and run, and because both your vehicle and that other vehicle were in the area at the time of the incident, you may be mistakenly identified as the hit and run driver. Another way that a hit and run can mistakenly be applied to you is if you were a passenger in the vehicle involved in the hit and run and you are mistakenly identified as the driver. In addition, if you are the owner of the vehicle involved in the hit and run, but you were not driving the vehicle at the time of the wreck, you can sometimes be mistakenly charged with a hit and run.
  • No Damage – Another defense for a hit and run charge is if only your vehicle was damaged in the accident. An example of this could be if you side swipe a light pole and your car is damaged, but the light pole isn’t.

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