Can I Go to Prison for Workers’ Comp Fraud in California?

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CDL Life, a digital news source that covers stories about the trucking industry, recently featured an article about a Fresno trucking company’s alleged workers’ compensation fraud scheme. The trucking company is owned and operated by a husband and wife. Their daughter helps run the business as well. All three family members are facing felony charges related to an alleged workers’ compensation fraud scheme.

The supposed scheme involved the trucking company allegedly underreporting millions of dollars of payroll. Authorities were tipped off to the alleged scheme when an employee from the company was denied workers’ compensation benefits.

This led to an investigation, which uncovered that the trucking company had paid out more than $5 million in payroll but only around $2.475 million of the money that was paid out was reported. Allegedly underreporting over $2.5 million worth of payroll resulted in the trucking company paying much lower workers’ comp insurance premiums.

The owners of the trucking company and their daughter have pleaded not guilty to the felony charges. They have a court hearing in mid-November.

What Are the Penalties for a Workers' Comp Fraud Conviction in California?

In California, there are several types of workers’ compensation fraud. The most common types of workers’ comp fraud in California include:

  • Claims Adjuster Fraud
  • Attorney Fraud
  • Medical Provider Fraud
  • Employer Fraud

The penalties for workers' compensation fraud in California include the following:

  • Up to five years in prison
  • A fine of up to $150,000 or double the amount of the fraud (whichever is greater)
  • Restitution (this includes the cost of any medical treatment received)
  • Cover the cost of the investigation

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