What Should I Do if My Child Has Been Charged with Underage Drinking in California?

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As a parent, it can be devastating to learn that your child has been charged with underage drinking. This can be a serious legal matter that can have long-term consequences for your child’s future. Besides the legal issues, there are social and scholastic implications that your child may face as well. It is important to handle the situation appropriately to minimize the damage to your child’s future. In this blog post, we will give you some tips about what you should do if your child has been charged with underage drinking in California.

Tips for What to Do if Your Child Is Charged with Underage Drinking in California

If your child has been charged with underage drinking in California, it is important to act quickly and decisively. The following are tips for what you should do if your child is charged with underage drinking in California:

  • Seek Legal Help – The first thing that you should do is consult with a legal professional who can help you understand the charges that your child is facing. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you develop a clear picture of the legal options available to your child, and the potential consequences that may arise from this criminal charge. A lawyer can also provide you with advice about how to proceed in the best interest of your child.
  • Encourage Your Child to Be Honest – It is important that your child is honest with you and their attorney about what happened. This honesty will enable your child's attorney to build an effective defense that will be based on truth. It is also important to understand that lying can damage the case and cause the penalties to be even more severe than they would have been if your child had been truthful.
  • Attend All Court Hearings – It is important that your child appears at all court hearings as required. By doing so, your child shows that they are taking this situation seriously and that they are committed to taking the necessary steps to deal with the consequences of their actions. It is also important to understand that failure to appear at court hearings can result in additional fines, license suspension, and other legal issues.
  • Discuss the Situation with Your Child – It is important to understand what led your child to be in a situation that resulted in them being accused of underage drinking in the first place. Discussing this will help you and your child understand the underlying causes and address any underlying problems that they may be facing. This conversation will help you show support and uncover any issues that need to be addressed immediately, such as alcohol abuse, depression, or anxiety.
  • Seek Counseling – Being charged with underage drinking can be a traumatic experience for any child. Counseling can help your child deal with any stress and anxiety that they may be experiencing because of these criminal charges. Talking with a professional can also help your child cope with the social and emotional implications of their legal situation.

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